When I was proud I did my first triatholon I had to wake up eirly in the morning there was no cars on the road. I was tired .As soon as I got there it was morning then I swam and bicked then ran.my mom and dad were so proud of me.
Stays cloes to the reef
Hores that curves it's tail when old
floats with the cu
I like to billd pots and candols and I like dogs.
Did you know that octopus can change colors like a chameleon. Octopus have ink it is poisons to most animal in the ocean and to get away.Octopus tent there food like a trap and fell with there suction cups. There is a prettier it is Monera ell.
I had a play I was a fish I sang a song it is the continental shelf song it was fun I had a grate time.
I wonder HOW the fucher will works.                     COWS  make milk for you.                        I am in my HOUSE today.                     A trumpet is LOUD.                                                                                CLOWNS are funny.
Have you ever goon to Agnes?I  have.I got a maltase I peered at it looked dllishess and massive to.I hoist it into my mouth it was skrompishesed I had 2. I love A