When I was proud I did my first triatholon I had to wake up eirly in the morning there was no cars on the road. I was tired .As soon as I got there it was morning then I swam and bicked then ran.my mom and dad were so proud of me.
4/25/2013 06:06:11

I did not you were Proud

4/25/2013 06:11:27

You really wour tiared

Mommy O
4/28/2013 02:04:12

You did an amazing thing completing your first triathlon - we look forward to your next one on May 19th. Great job, Catie bug!

Mrs. Thomas
4/28/2013 03:22:55

You are so committed to train for a triathlon. I did the Tinman Triathlon in Honolulu a few years ago and it takes so much dedication and training! Which one of the events is your favorite; biking, running, or the swim? Way to go Catie!


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