I live in Hawaii.
This is my favorite Read aloud is Charlotte's web because I like Wilber is a cut face and it is a cut stor
If I could stay up all night I would watch t.v and eat pound cake with butter on top. Next I would make a tent out of blankets at the beach. Then we would collect shells.Finally,we get home and the sun is rising. I like staying up late.
In the boleing I saw math it was a game and a mutionen to it was coole.The wires moved the claue up and duon and left and rite and a chan to. That is why math is in porten to all people and the earth to.math is all over the earth.
I chop up some herbs from the garden.
I saw a chimpanzee at the zoo.
A car needs a wheel to go.
China is a big state.
When I was proud I did my first triatholon I had to wake up eirly in the morning there was no cars on the road. I was tired .As soon as I got there it was morning then I swam and bicked then ran.my mom and dad were so proud of me.
Stays cloes to the reef
Hores that curves it's tail when old
floats with the cu